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Get Up And

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Get Up And… is a lifestyle and activity news site aimed to help encourage, invigorate and entertain through a wide range of guides, reviews and blog posts.

Based in Brighton (the unofficial hipster capital of the world), the main writing team consists of Jamie Witham and Alice Morein, with inspiration coming from their numerous outdoor experiences and network of friends/family.

Our site is all about being outdoors and the awesome activities that we love to take part in. It is early days, and initially, we are specialising in the world of snow sports, but we will add more content to cover cycling, hiking and water sports.

If you have any great videos, pictures or potential articles you’d like to share with us feel free to drop us a message!


Jamie Witham

Editor/Photographer/Everything Else

A qualified engineer who has worked with high profile companies such as Jaguar, McLaren and Ford. Jamie now works as a writer full-time, splitting his time between Get Up And and Fine Point Solutions (Copywriting Service). Growing up his aspirations were rather different having played football for numerous professional clubs, but sadly it wasn't to be. A keen skier, tennis player and cyclist (he even had his own bike repair business) there aren't many activities Jamie hasn't tried over the years!

Alice Morein

Writer/Scandinavian Expert/Suspected Spy...

Born in Umeå in Sweden Alice is our in-house expert on all thing Scandinavian. An incredibly fast cross-country skier, a keen walker, cyclist, archer and horse rider, Alice is an outdoor enthusiast through and through. She enjoys spending far too long looking at hiking equipment and prefers walking shoes to high heels!