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Top 10 UK Kayaking Spots

Which one of these locations will inspire you out onto the water?

Kayaking, like canoeing, is a not only a great form of exercise but it also an awesome way to explore areas that would otherwise be impossible to access, whether this is pulling up in a hidden Cornish cove or enjoying scenic views across central London.

With this in mind, we have our list of fantastic kayaking spots to help you enjoy some of the best escapes that the UK has to offer!

1. Cornish Coastline

For intrepid explorers Cornwall really does have it all, top quality surfing, amazing beaches, scenic walks and soon it could have a brand new cycle network. It is also, without a doubt, one of the best places in the UK to Kayak.

The area around Kynance Cove is a popular spot as the sea is calm by Cornish standards. Allowing you to meander along the coast, stopping off at a quiet cove of your choice.

A view over one of the many bays in North Cornwall
A view over one of the many bays in North Cornwall

Port Isaac is another great choice, the small village, which plays home to hit ITV series Doc Martin, is a real tourist-trap but isn’t often explored by sea. If you head West out of the port at low tide, you can land at Varley Sands beach, which can only be reached by sea.

Swell, sea and weather conditions vary massively in Cornwall, so only go when conditions are calm. If you are unsure consult a local guide.

2. Lake District National Park, Cumbria

This is perhaps a predictable choice, home to England’s largest and deepest lakes there is no shortage of places to Kayak in the Lake District. The wide range of water conditions means that there is something for everyone, ranging from peaceful family touring to challenging courses like the run from Blackmoss Pot to Stonethwaite with its steep drops and narrow passages.

Lake District Nation Park
© Jamie Witham – Lake District Nation Park

Coniston provides a good starting point for beginners with great surrounding amenities, easy Kayak hire and plenty of areas to explore, just be sure not to Kayak off nearby Aira Force!

For more information visit the park’s website here!

3. Wye Valley, Wales

Wales has some of the most scenic Kayaking locations in the UK and although it does rain a fair bit in Cymru this shouldn’t deter you, after all Kayaking is a watersport!

The Wye is about as tranquil as Kayaking gets, with over 100 miles of water and a relatively slow water speed it is perfect for longer tours and beginners. Photographers should be sure to bring their camera (in a waterproof case of course!), with plenty of wildlife and large expanses of woodland, fields and cliffs the area is packed with photo opportunities.

Along the trip, there are plenty of pubs, cafes and campsites to ensure you are well refuelled after a long day paddling!

Check out the local website for for more information on Kayaking and Canoeing.

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A qualified engineer who has worked with high profile companies such as Jaguar, McLaren and Ford. Jamie now works as a writer full-time, splitting his time between Get Up And and Fine Point Solutions (Copywriting Service). Growing up his aspirations were rather different having played football for numerous professional clubs, but sadly it wasn't to be. A keen skier, tennis player and cyclist (he even had his own bike repair business) there aren't many activities Jamie hasn't tried over the years!

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Top 10 UK Kayaking Spots

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