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Review – Campingaz Camp’Bistro Portable Stove

Is Campingaz's Camp'Bistro worthy of your attention?

  • Weighing only 1.4kg this highly portable gas stove even comes with a carry case, making it an ideal camping accessory.
  • Available for as little as £15.00 online it certainly doesn’t break the bank!
  • Using quick change replacement cartridges the stove is incredibly easy to get going again after running out of gas.

Campingaz Camp’Bistro

One of the UK’s top-selling outdoor accessories it is hard not to spot a Camp’Bistro when camping. The simple bright blue stove is loved by many for its simplicity and reliability.

Made by Campingaz, one of the world leaders in outdoor cooking, the Camp’Bistro is aimed to provide a fully-functioning cooker hub while camping. With a high-quality enamel finish, the product is designed for years of service.

While it may only cost around £15.00, is the Camp’Bistro worth your hard earned cash?


The Camp’Bistro is simplicity at it’s best, with no additional frill, functionality was clearly the priority when Campingaz created this one. The igniter, temperature control dial and gas cartridge release switch are all conveniently located on the front panel, making operation of the stove incredibly easy.

Campingaz Camp'Bistro © Jamie Witham
The controls are all located in the front for convenience © Jamie Witham

The product is made from folded sheet metal and while this can make it prone to the odd dent or scratch, it does mean it is incredibly light and any visual defects are unlikely to alter the performance of the Camp’Bistro.

The gas cartridges reload with ease, simply flip open up the separate compartment and drop the new gas canister in against the securing carriage. Slide the lever from unlocked to locked and the new cartridge will be pressed into the seal securely, providing gas to the stove when needed.

Campingaz Camp'Bistro © Jamie Witham
Campingaz Camp’Bistro © Jamie Witham

The hob itself is enamel coated, the finish it tough and coated thick enough to ensure years of service. The gas burner is simple, but well engineered and distributes the flame well, providing ample heating across the surface.

The Test

In the field (sometimes literally!) the Camp’Bistro really shines, the temperature control is accurate and provided the conditions aren’t too windy water will happily boil on the stove in a few minutes.

We did find that the wind has quite an effect on the stove but this is to be expected due to the un-shrouded nature of the design. This issue is easily fixture by either moving the stove away from the wind or by buying a wind deflector. There are many specifically designed deflectors available that suit the Camp’Bistro but just about anything will do provided it isn’t flammable!

Campingaz Camp'Bistro © Jamie Witham
The hob is enamel coated © Jamie Witham

The cartridge life is really impressive, given this, you would expect the cartridges to come at a premium, but they are also well priced. Bulk purchases can help secure replacement gas for as little as £1.50 a canister. We have used both genuine Campingaz cartridges and other manufacturers gas throughout our testing and we haven’t had any issues at all.

The relatively small size of the product makes it an ideal travel item, the included case is handy, but we found that the Camp’Bistro travels fine without it. With us preferring to keep spare cartridges in the original case

Cooking on the Camp’Bistro is the same as using an ordinary household gas oven, while the temperature is not as precise as some gas kitchen stoves all things considered it is very good. We have cooked everything from baked beans, and fried eggs to pancakes and even toast (using a specialist adapter) and all were incredibly easy and quick!

Campingaz Camp'Bistro © Jamie Witham
Inside the gas canister compartment © Jamie Witham

Generally speaking, the stove only gets hot in all the right places, the design means heat transmission to the casing is low making it easy to move after use and allowing it to be built into camper units without there being a significant fire risk!


We cannot fault the Camp’Bistro, it is well made, lightweight and extremely portable so ticks the three main areas that we look for with camping equipment. The replacement cartridges are cheap and the stove is designed to last.

These stoves are often popular with small camper conversions and it is easy to see why, the low-maintenance design and reliability make it a winner, while the shape is also easy to accommodate into any existing unit.



We cannot fault the Camp'Bistro, it is well made, lightweight and extremely portable. It is as close to perfect as a product can get at this price point!
Ease of use
Build Quality
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