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Review – POC Receptor Bug Adjustable 2.0 Helmet

What do we make of POC's go anywhere, do anything helmet?

  • Although predominantly aimed at snow sports the Receptor has been designed with a wide range of users in mind.
  • Weighing in at 550g this is one of the lighter helmets on the market.
  • Buy on Amazon – POC Receptor Bug 2.0

POC Receptor Bug 2.0

Although only 14-years old, POC has quite an impact on the world of gravity sports and cycling. First starting with Ski racing safety, the Swedish company has since expanded into new territories such as sunglasses and cycling in recent years.

Today we are looking at their Receptor Bug 2.0 Adjustable helmet, while the name might be a bit of a mouthful it is one worth remembering if you are in the market for a new lid.

Picking the Receptor up, it is noticeable light, especially if you are used to rental ski helmets, the two-part patented VDSAP system consists of an inner and outer shell which helps to shed a fair amount of weight compared to traditional construction methods. It also provides improved protection against sharp objects, excellent ventilation and if we’re honest, it looks pretty cool.


To me, this is one of the best looking helmets on sale sub £100 (if you hunt around it can be even cheaper!). Scandinavian design generally falls into two categories, either minimalistic and functional or ultra-busy, hang everything on the walls type-design.

Fortunately, POC takes inspiration from the former, the helmet is a cool shape with no protruding lines, and the contrasting white inner-shell grabs the eye through the vent ports.

The strap is well made, but simple, this is also true of the size adjustment at the back of the Receptor which is operated using two sliders as opposed to the dial systems seen on many competitors helmets. In our experience, we found it worked excellently and was easily adjustable even with cumbersome gloves on.

POC Receptor Bug 2.0 Adjustable © Jamie Witham
The handy slide adjuster works great with gloves © Jamie Witham

The ear pads and neck roll can both be removed which makes the helmet much more suitable for skateboarding or cycling. The vents are opened and closed by removing the helmet and rotating the inner foam liner, while this works incredibly well it can be a bit of a pain having to remove the helmet to adjust the vents, especially when skiing with goggles attached and gloves on.

Goggle clips are a real bugbear of mine, so many manufacturers systems are either ridiculously complicated or way too tight which makes securing the google a real game. POC have done well in this regard, the clip has enough tension to keep everything in place and only releases when you want it to.

POC Receptor Bug 2.0 Adjustable © Jamie Witham
The goggle clip works really well © Jamie Witham

Overall this is a well-designed helmet, and with a range of bold colours available it certainly stands out from the crowd. We found that when sat next to many other helmets it had a habit of making the competition look a bit dated, so credit to POC’s design team for nailing the aesthetics.


Usually, when manufacturers create a product meant for a range of sports, it is compromised, but with the Receptor, this hasn't happened. It looks cool, comes in a range of great colours and is seriously well made, we're not sure you could ask of more from a helmet!
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