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Seven Sisters – One of Asia’s Most Popular UK Destinations?

Seven Sisters, a series of chalk cliffs located in East Sussex, hardly the description you would expect for one of the UK’s most popular destinations for Asian tourists. Despite this Seven Sisters has amassed immense fame in Asia, specifically China, Taiwan and South Korea.

The area itself isn’t unused to media attention having appeared in Harry Potter, Atonement, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and many other TV/Film productions, as well as doubling for the white cliffs of Dover on several occasions. But why the area is so popular with Asian tourists is a little harder to figure out.

The cliff’s social media status in Asian is certainly a big contributor, so much so that on certain social platforms searching for “London” will display a huge number of results for Seven Sisters (despite the Sussex coastline being over 70 miles away!).

Seven Sisters Walk
Walking near Seven Sisters

South Korean actress Seo Hyo-rim even visited the cliffs last year and posted a video for her follows on Instagram, albeit while uncomfortably close to the edge! And that isn’t where the celebrity interaction ends, the stars of South Korean Reality TV show “One Night Sleepover” recently visited and Taiwanese singer Jay Chou even set a music video there, which has been seen over 13 million times!

Celebrity recognition and the popularity of the cliffs on social media obviously helps to drive yet more fans to Seven Sisters but it seems for many the reason for going is far more personal.

For a lot of tourists, the vastness of Seven Sisters coupled with the lack of modern developments is a stark contrast to the high-rise buildings and bustling cities of home. This emptiness, the un-interrupted views out to sea and the surrounding grassland, are an instant attraction for many.

As a local, it is more than possible to take the environment for granted but for someone from the lively urban districts of China and South Korea, it is easy to imagine just how different (and impressive!) Seven Sisters must be!

Seven Sisters Visitor Centre
Seven Sisters Visitor Centre at Burlington Gap

For many tourists, it is a shock how far it is from London, but even then they are more than happy to make the journey. This is evident when visiting the area, the sheer number of Asian tourists that visit during the summer months can easily leave a local feeling that they’ve hopped on a plane and travelled halfway around the world!

The influx of visitors is so considerable that the local tourist board is even exploring options on how to increase engagement specifically in Asia and how they can offer more to visitors.

Watch this space for when we upload our full guide to Seven Sisters!

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