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February Half-Term Holiday Ski Guide – How to Ski More and Save Money

February half-term marks one of the busiest weeks in the ski calendar, with thousands of families leaving the UK for a week on the snow we have a few tips to help you get the most out of your week!

Ski More Queue Less

Ski lift queues during the half-term week can be insanely long causing you to lose precious slope time. But there are ways to ensure you do more skiing and less standing still. Here are our nifty tricks that can help to increase your skiing time!

Reverse Your Day

The most popular slopes are always the busiest at the beginning of the day. We have found that people tend to flock to the favourite lifts early on when their legs are still in a fairly decent condition. To avoid queues try to reverse your day, go to the furthest away or least popular slopes first and hit the busy runs right at the end of the day or over lunchtime…

Tactical Lunches

You don’t want to eat when others do! Full stop, avoid it! You’ll queue for food, and will miss one of the quietest parts of the day. Generally, the no-go zone runs from 12:30 to 14:00, which can make eating tricky but there are ways to get around this.

To help avoid the lunchtime rush and have unobstructed access to the slopes you have one of two options:

  • Brunch – A mid-morning snack can help postpone lunch. Why not visit a local shop and pick up some fruit or a cereal bar, both are healthy and a great source of energy. If you are prone to falling, we recommend giving them to a more stable friend!
    Be first on the slopes – Get up early and join the other early birds queuing for the first lift. Trust us if the slopes open at 8:00 and you’re there when they open, you will be hungry for lunch before 12:00!

Smart Queuing

Many larger ski lifts have a dedicated singles queue; this line fills the odd spots left over from the group’s queue and generally moves a lot quicker. We understand that it is fun to ride with your mates but do you need to every single time you hit the lift? Why not occasionally take the singles queue, spend more time shredding and less queuing!

Pick you lifts – People flock to the lift that goes to straight to the top of the piste, after all, it is quicker, right? Well, if the lift has a 15 minute+ queue it probably isn’t, often it can be faster to use two or three lifts in less popular areas of the resort to work your way to the top. Plus you might find some new lines on the way up!

Get Up Early/Finish Late

This is especially true as the week goes on, being first on the slopes is a truly unique experience. You get to have no one in front of you on the lift and have the guarantee of a freshly prepared slope. Also, the first hour after the slopes open is usually one of the quietest periods of the day, so try to make the most of an early start!

Equally, towards the end of the day, people tend to be tired from hours of hurtling down the slopes. This can be a great time to ski the most popular runs without having to queue for too long.

Åre's frost covered lifts
There is no rush for these lifts!

Save Money On Food

Food from both shops and restaurants around ski resorts can be rather pricey, but there a few ways to save money of vital sustenance.

Packed Lunches

You’ll see a lot of locals, especially in Scandinavia, having picnics around the slopes. This can prove a great way to save money, give you a taste of the local food and, generally, it is far healthy than a lot of the resort’s offerings.

Some resorts even have food halls with seating for picnic goers, meaning even the weather can’t spoil your food. We recommend using a dedicated skiing/sports rucksack to store your food, skiing with a traditional bag with no chest straps can be dangerous for you and others.

Don’t Be Affraid to Travel

Try to think of ski resorts as a volcano, the closer to the centre you are the more likely you’ll get burned! It is often well worth travelling away from the main resort area in the evenings for a meal out, you’ll pay a lot less and usually get a more genuine representation of the local food.

If you are shopping for food to cook at home, or for tomorrows packed lunch, try to travel to the nearest major supermarket. From our experiences prices at a larger store can be as much as 30% cheaper!

Remember to always check the resort’s website for offers, some
restaurants will have certain nights where specific food is cheaper e.g. Pizza Friday or Burger Wednesday.

More To Come...

Stay tuned for part two of our guide where we look at what to do on a skiing holiday and provide some more handy tips to help maximise your holiday!

Jamie Withamhttps://get-up-and.com/
A qualified engineer who has worked with high profile companies such as Jaguar, McLaren and Ford. Jamie now works as a writer full-time, splitting his time between Get Up And and Fine Point Solutions (Copywriting Service). Growing up his aspirations were rather different having played football for numerous professional clubs, but sadly it wasn't to be. A keen skier, tennis player and cyclist (he even had his own bike repair business) there aren't many activities Jamie hasn't tried over the years!

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