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What Sussex Location Links Doctor Who and Wonder Woman?

No, it isn’t an overly dedicated fan base or even that they are (now) both women. It is, in fact, the quintessentially British town of Arundel (not to be confused with Arendelle from Frozen).

The market town located in the heart of West Sussex has around 4,000 residents but is also home to numerous idyllic walks, a medieval castle and Roman Catholic cathedral!

But you may be asking what does this have to do with an alien in a blue box and an Amazonian Princess. Well, like a plethora of other productions both have filmed in Arundel, more specifically at the stunning castle.

I bet you didn’t know that Doctor Who filmed large sections of the 1988 episode “Silver Nemesis” there, staring the 7th incarnation of the Doctor Sylvester McCoy. The Episode, in true Doctor Who fashion, saw the timelord do battle with his old rival the Cybermen, a group of Neo-Nazis and a 17th-Century witch!

Avid fans of the show will remember that the episode was in fact set at Windsor Castle and involved the Doctor having to thwart the evil team-up from gaining control of a super weapon that crashed on earth.

But due to Windsor Castle refusing filming, the BBC required a body (building!) double. Arundel castle was used throughout filming for the Windsor shots. While the surrounding estate and town were also used for the Cyberman invasion.

Wonder Woman at Arundel Castle
Arundel Castle in 2017’s box office hit ‘Wonder Woman’

Once again in 2017’s global sensation, Wonder Woman, the castle doubled up as an alternative location. This time it was used as a ‘Belgian Chateau’ to host a weapon’s test for the German High Command’s frankly disturbed leader Erich Ludendorff, played by Danny Huston.

Feature star Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Chris Pine (Steve Trevor) were also present during filming at the castle!

Arundel Gardens
Arundel Gardens

Visiting Arundel

If you are looking to follow in the footsteps of Wonder Woman or Doctor Who and want to visit Arundel we have a few handy tips that can help make your journey even more pleasant. After all, we can’t all own invisible planes or time-travelling police boxes!

Where is Arundel and Where Can I Park?

Arundel is located in the heart of West Sussex just off the A27 before Fontwell (if heading West) or before Worthing (if heading East). There is a large pay and display car park located at the bottom of the town opposite the castle and free roadside parking along Mill Road, on the approach to the Wetland Centre. In the off-season, or if you are an early riser, you can usually get free roadside parking!

What Can I do in Arundel?

Visiting the castle is a must, this medieval estate is very much a ‘fairy-tale’ castle and is as impressive inside as it is out. The grounds and castle are open from Tuesday 2nd April to Sunday 3rd November 2019. You can buy tickets online in advance to save both queueing time and money, you can also choose to buy just a ticket for the grounds or the entire castle. If going for the full experience we recommend allowing most of the day to get round it all!

For guests visiting on the 3rd Saturday of each month, you can also look round the traditional market. Full of locally produced food, drinks and gifts the market is a great extra when visiting.

Arundel Castle
Arundel Castle

There are also numerous traditional shops in the high street and countless high-quality restaurants (we challenge you to find a bad restaurant in Arundel!), our favourite is the Black Rabbit located at the edge of the town.

There is also the Wetland centre for animal lovers and Swanbourne lake, which is a lovely walk but, it’s always muddy! Both of which are also worth visiting, the Wetland centre costs £10.88 for adults and £5.85 for children (excluding donation). Swanbourne lake is free to walk around and has an onsite cafe.

The town is a must visit location in the summer months but can be as equally appealing throughout the Winter, Spring and Autumn. For those on a budget, we recommend assembling a picnic and driving a short distance along the A284 to Whiteways for lunch. Here there is a scenic picnic area, free car parking, a large forest and a cafe.

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